Learning To Speak Español

It seems daunting to try to speak another language but is it really that hard?
Lets try to find an easier way that isn’t hard work or difficult.

You probably know some already and just don’t realise  it or there are many words that are the same and you just need to say it like a Spaniard would

  • Hasta la vista baby (well baby isn’t Spanish but Arnie was using a proper Spanish but not a phrase a Spaniard would say normally)
  • Bar
  • Café (note the accent. Don’t Panic. Its there for a reason but you’ll find that out much later) cafe not only means cafe but also means coffee.
  • ¿Qué? (thanks to Faulty Towers and Manuel we can all say “What?”)
  • Tapas is everywhere in Britain now but Spaniards would say Tapa as in ¿Quieres una tapa? ( do you want a tapas ?)

What you probably know already is maybe another 100+ words that are the same in English and Spanish


Please, Thank You and simple good manners

As a child we all needed to understand the need for “please” “thank you” and good manners.
In Spanish it is the same
Por favor and Gracias
are the first step in a child’s education and in ours too

Greeting people correctly and saying goodbye are also essential if you want help and good service from anyone.
A simple Hola is the easiest greeting
but Buenos días or Buenos tardes are more formal and can be helpful

Goodbye is Adiós is the most common
but you will hear Hasta luego or Luego

Hasta Luego can be used as a greeting if you don’t have time to talk. The first few time this happened i was confused and almost insulted but what is meant is “hi. Great to see you but i cant stop to talk”

Quick test of what you already know

    [qwiz align=”center” style=”width: 300px !important;”] [h]

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    [q multiple_choice=”true”] What does adiós mean

    [c*] Goodbye  [c] See you later  [c] Hello

    [f] Excellent!

    [f] No.

    [f] Sorry, that’s not correct.


    [q multiple_choice=”true”] What Does Hola mean

    [c*] Hello  [c] Goodbye  [c] Please

    [f] Good!

    [f] No, that’s not correct.

    [f] Sorry, that’s not correct.


    [q multiple_choice=”true”] What is Thank you in Español

    [c*] Gracias  [c] Por favor  [c] Adiós

    [f] Good!

    [f] Sorry, that’s not correct.

    [f] No.


    [q] Good Morniing[hangman]

    [c] Buenas días

    [f] Great!


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    Lecciones de español (Spanish Lessons)


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