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Hi there folks. Hopefully this site might help a few people to pick up a bit more Spanish than the already have. Many Brits in Spain, especially in Benidorm have lived many years here and never picked up any more than they would watching the Terminator movies and Fawlty Towers. Many Spanish feel we should be ashamed at our lack of language skills and I sort of agree.
Whether it is due to our lazy nature, education or something else I cannot say but places like Benidorm are partly to blame. It is so easy NOT to learn Spanish “why bother?”

Well, the reason to bother is it opens so many options for you. Even just mastering the Ps & Qs and a couple of platitudes like “i’m sorry. My Spanish is very bad” ( Lo siento. Mi español es muy malo ) and “I am learning Spanish” ( Estoy aprendiendo español ) will get you far better help from any Spaniard and start building friendships/acquaintances here in Spain. I know this works from personal experience!

Well that’s one reason for this site. A bit of help for people who want to learn Spanish who don’t have time or inclination to immerse themselves in a subject to learn a language like Spainish.

Here is how I have made the site work. All the Spanish text is in italics and if you click on it you will hear the correct pronunciation (according to Google’s text to speech api, Thank you for such a brill tool) and if you click the microphone next to it you can try it yourself and Google’s speech recognition will give you what a Spaniard might understand you  to say. (once again thank you Google)

A couple of points and tips. Speech recognition technology is far from perfect but is getting better every year. If you loose your rag with it stop BEFORE you throw your computer out of the window or smashing it. Also if anything is wrong on this site, Sorry, but I have done my best in the free time I have and can not be held responsible for any mistake you may make using any information on this site. EG. if you want to order milk and rice crispies and you get diesel, fertiliser and the Guardia Civil asking why you need the ingredients of a bomb, I refuse to pay your legal fees.

I really hope you can help you.

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