A bit about driving in Spain

I have added a couple of pages about driving in Spain.
a bit of a rant about the daftness
and an explanation of how you need to treat roundabouts here in Spain

Rotondas (roundabouts) are the biggest complaint about driving in Spain for us Brits here en España. I don’t think any British driver over here has not had a close call on one, so if you haven’t experienced it I recommend reading how you should negotiate a rotunda.

Apart from driving on the wrong side of la carretera the rules are almost the same but there are a few importante differences.

  1. rotundas (the right hand lane is for all exits and the use of indicators is almost voluntary
  2. ITV sticker on the windscreen
  3. Carry your papers tus papeles with you

the papers you need are

  1. Driving Licence, Licencia de conducir
  2. Insurance (seguro) Document and the bank recipt (recibo del banco)
  3. Permiso de Circulación  a paper essentially saying a car is a car. Mad but without this the police can take your coche away. I know this by experience.
  4. La Ficha Técnica also called Tarjeta ITV a description of your car and the M.O.T. called ITV here in Spain
  5. and your pasaporte is a good thing to have on you)

I will add to these lists over time