Driving around and around

Drivers who have learn’t to drive in the UK will find some things that the Spanish do weird and dangerous. But a lot of it does have its own strange logic.
Being Beeped when the traffic lights change (Semáforos) does not mean “get a move on you stupid guiri” but it is just to say the lights have changed. The old (pre LED) Semáforos were not very bright and in the sun the change to green is easily missed so many Spanish drivers beep as soon as they see it change.
Indicators are mostly used as Stop Anywhere Lights, not for indicating where they are going. Ok not all Spanish drive like that but a small minority can make unsuspecting Brits make potentially dangerous mistakes. Pulling out in front of cars who are indicating they are turning is a mal idea. Dispite this lack of using indicators being normal, do not copy them. The Law about indicators is the same as the UK.
But it is roundabouts where we loose our hair at the Spanish Antics. Watch this and who do you think is at fault.

Well you are probably wrong. The white Toyota is correct and the car filming is in the wrong.
You must not exit the roundabout from the left lane The DGT(the department of transport I think) frown at people driving all the way around the outside of a roundabout but stress exiting from the left lane is forbidden. Because of this a lot of Spanish feel it is acceptable to drive all the way around the outside with no indicators warning you what they are doing and will beep you if, when you leave the roundabout, they feel you have cut them up.
You have been warned; be careful and expect it every time otherwise you will have near misses or worse.
Is what they do it utter MADNESS? Well yes and no. This is how it has been explained to me